Hosting the 2013 Rumble in the Jungle

2013 RULES 

New this year - Boundaries and no checkout. Boats of all sizes compete on a level playing field! 


$10K 1st place guaranteed!

1 additional / every 10 entries

$1,000 Lady, $1000 Jr, $500 Sr

Single Engine $1,000

Small Boat $1,000

NEW for 2013!

Tournament Results


Results  for the 2013 Rumble in the Jungle will be posted here immediately following the last fish weighed. Given the change in competition to Sunday, the awards ceremony will be abbreviated and scheduled immediately after results are finalized so that competitors may get on the road as soon as possible.


Registration  Teams can register on site or by phone (843-516-5583) from 3-8pm Friday and 3-9pm Saturday. The Captain's Meeting both nights will be at 7pm. Please note that although attendance at the Captain's Meeting is not required, SKA teams must still have someone complete the $10 SKA form.

Call John Gore for more information (843) 516-5583

Little River Saltwater Fishing Club